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He began as a Corporate Event Planner until his tenure as Catering Manager for luxury San Francisco hotels, as well as the General Manager/Director of Events for the Julia Morgan Ballroom. Later became the Catering Manager for Weddings at the historic Westin St. Francis Hotel. Impressive accolades have given him credentials to recognize him as an Independent Food Editor, Restaurant Critic and a Contributing Writer for several media publications. Spanning impressive years in Wedding and Event Planning, his passion has taken him to create F. DUNCAN REYES EVENTS BY DESIGN and is renowned as the Event Industry’s most premiere Wedding and Event Planner Extraordinnaire! In January 2009, he was honored by the San Francisco Business Times as one of the Top 100 new businesses in their “Book Of Lists 2009”. Duncan is a member of the National Assoc. of Catered Events (NACE) and last April 2010 was voted “Member of the Year” 2010 and the 2013 Winner of Silicon Valley NACE's coveted Best of the Industry Award in Event Design. In January 2011, 2012 and 2013, received prestigious recognition with the WeddingWire Bride's Choice Award for Wedding Planning.

AnneMarie & Kelvin Tie the Knot!


Congratulations to the new MR. and MRS. KELVIN AND ANNEMARIE RUDDY!

How the Met
They first met at Ireland's 32 Pub, one of their favorite bars, last Summer 2010.  After a failed first date, many wonderful ones to follow, several baseball games, a trip to the zoo, and a few months of dating - they made things "Facebook Official" (if you knew Kelvin at all, this was a very important moment for him).

The Proposal
Kelvin - I finally found a ring that I liked and the jewelers said that they would have it ready in time for our trip to Hawaii at Christmas.  I got a call a few weeks before and told me that it would actually take much longer.  I went back to the jewelers and couldn't find anything.  They told me to ask AnneMarie to come back with me.  I wanted it to be a surprise, but I didn't know what else to do. "

AnneMarie - " The next day, the jewelers were thrilled to meet me and helped me pick out a ring.  They all knew and loved Kelvin's visits to their store.  We looked through rings for a while, but I didn't see any that caught my eye.  I finally asked one of the jewelers, 'I know it won't be ready until Christmas, but can I see the ring that Kelvin picked out?'.  The jeweler ran to the back and brought it out.  I burst into tears when they showed it to me. "

Kelvin - " She was a crying mess! "

AnneMarie - " I knew it was worth the wait.  I wanted it to be a surprise. "

Kelvin - " I wanted to take her to Crissy Field where there's a beach and a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.  She didn't want to drive all the way there.  I said, 'are you sure?  It's such a nice day!'.  Nope! "

AnneMarie - " I kept wondering when he would ask - New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day came and went.  One morning in February, we took our dog, Maggie, to Fort Funston for a long walk. "

Kelvin - " I was looking around during the whole walk.  I was trying to figure out a place to ask.  I had her sit down on a bench for a second and then changed my mind.  I ended up walking up a hill and asking her. "

AnneMarie - " When we got to the top of a sand hill, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring.  He had picked it up the night before without me knowing. "

Kelvin - " It's crazy how nervous I was even though I knew she would say YES! "

AnneMarie - " Of course, I said YES! "

And so a year later, their wedding date was set for last February 2, 2013.  They exchanged their Nuptials at St. Paul's Church, followed by a spectacular celebration at the famed Olympic Club, Lakeside.

With Gratitude
" When Kelvin and I got engaged, I knew that I needed the help of a Wedding Coordinator.  While missing my parents and knowing that Kelvin could not help us from Ireland, it became painfully clear that I did not want to do this alone.  I spoke to several other Wedding Coordinators before meeting with you.  They had romantic ideas and emotional outpourings, but I didn't need someone to hold my hand through the process.  I needed someone like me.  Someone who embraces the power of endless e-mails, adores their own OCD, respects generosity, practices gratitude, and understands that business is business and love is love -- even when the two go hand-in-hand.  You have been a savior during this process.  I admire your kind heart, your keen advice, and your overwhelming patience (and I know I tested that with my many many e-mails, questions and changes).  Your connections and recommendations speak highly of your character.  I've been consistently impressed with the vendors you recommended.  They have kind hearts and admirable work, just like you.  When I look back at this wedding, I know that I will always think of you.  You are the dark horse.  Your are the man behind the whole occasion.  You are the reason that Kelvin and I will remember this day as the start of our lives together.  From the very bottom of my heart, and from Kelvin's heart as well, THANK YOU!  I don't know how you do what you do - but you do it with grace and style. " 
-- AnneMarie Hogan Ruddy

AnneMarie and Kelvin - May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live!

Wedding Planning and Event Design  |  Duncan Reyes and Alex Barranco

Photography  |  Orbie Pullen and Maryanne Reyes

Videography  |  David Ethridge, Ryan Black and Richard Grover

Cake  |  Gabrielle Feuersinger

Catering and Venue  |  Paul Jacques

Entertainment (DJ)  |  Jason Mitchell

Entertainment (Band)  |  Roger Sause and Matthias Montgomery
The Spazmatics c/o Perfect World Entertainment

Floral Design  |  Jeeryn Dang

Hair and Make-Up  |  Joey Cheung

Hotel Accommodations  |  Kim Baker

Lighting Design  |  StefaNia Contrearas, Jerome Danger and Curtis Laipple

Photo Flip Books  |  Dexter Cura and Daniel Wilcox

Printing and Stationeries  |  Mimi Renfro-Rodriguez

Rehearsal Dinner  |  Virginia Casey

Rentals  |  Mindy Roark

Transportation (Bridal Party and Guests)  |  Jennifer Jaciw, Alex Jaciw and Tawny Hicks

Transportation (Bride and Groom's Rolls Royce)  |  Carl Payne

Tuxedo Rentals and Sales  |  Men's Wearhouse

Venue (Ceremony)  |  St. Paul's Church

Wedding Dress Alterations  |  Novella Bridal

Wedding Favors and Late-Nite Dessert  |  Lauren Martin

 Relive the moments of their gorgeous Wedding Day
through this amazing video captured by
AVR Films

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